WebDudes Tambola

Join us for a game of Tambola and win exciting prizes
Date: Oct 17th 2023 - Tuesday
Time: 8:00 PM
The game starts at 8:30 PM
* see below for complete information before you register

Online Tambola Friends Housie
Get the Mobile App

Online Tambola Friends Housie
Download & Install the App
Open the App and select PLAY AS GUEST
Enter your First Name and Last Name
And then click on CONTINUE
The Invite Code will be shared on the Zoom Meeting
* No pen or paper is needed.

Instructions to Play the Game.

Step 1

Play as Guest 

Step 2

Enter your First and Last Name (Do not enter initials) 

Step 3

Tap on "I've an Invite Code". The Invite Code will be shared on the Zoom Meeting

Two Devices Preferred

For a seamless experience, utilising two devices when participating in a Zoom call and playing a game is advisable. This way, you can easily Play the game and talk to everyone. 

Two devices
Mobile Stand
Mobile Stand

If you have two smartphones, we suggest investing in a mobile stand, allowing for a comfortable and stable connection during the Zoom call. 


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  • Jaldi 5: 1 month free for 1 number
  • 4 Corners: 1 month free for 1 number
  • Top Row: 1 month free for 1 number
  • Middle Row: 1 month free for 1 number
  • Bottom Row: 1 month free for 1 number
  • 1st Full House: 1 month free for 5 numbers
  • 2nd Full House: 1 month free for 5 numbers

Terms and Disclaimers

  • You will need an Email Address to register on Zoom and join the game.
  • People not joining the Zoom meeting will be disqualified, and their tickets will not be approved.
  • The rules and prizes may change last minute by the Host of the game.
  • The game might get cancelled last minute due to whatever reason.
  • The players must be 18 years of age to play the game. If the player is not 18, their parent's consent and approval would be required for them to participate in the game.
  • The players must attend the Zoom meeting to claim their free tickets.
  • The winners may sell their prizes to anyone in exchange for money.
  • The winners may gift their prizes to anyone.
  • The Zoom meeting will be recorded and shared on the YouTube channel
  • Adult language might be used during the game. Please do not join the game if you are uncomfortable hearing adult language.
  • People not joining the Zoom meeting will be disqualified from the game.
  • People need to have video ON to qualify for the meeting. We recommend you have two devices to play the game. One is to play the game using the Tambola App, and the other is to connect with everyone in the Zoom meeting with your video turned ON.
  • We recommend you play in a room without noise so your Mic can be left ON during the game.
  • When claiming your ticket, please enter your first and last names, matching your Zoom registration. We will not issue you a ticket if we don't find a matching link between your Zoom registration and the ticket.
  • Do not use Initials for claiming your ticket. You must enter your First Name and Last Name when requesting tickets to participate in the game.
  • By submitting your contact information, we will send you invitations for any future events or product launches. If you do not wish to receive such information from by email or WhatsApp you can always choose to OPT out by clicking on the Unsubscribe link or type STOP to unsubscribe from WhatsApp.

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